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Business Terms from Lider Leather Products. These terms cover inquiry, delivery, order, sample policy, production capacity,payment,faulty cargo, warranty time,complain.

Lider Leather Products Factory is trading with you subject to these Terms & Conditions stipulated below:

We would definitely accept online, email or fax inquiry and normally. We will try our best to reply within 48 hours.

Achieving agreements of the prices, delivery time&payment, we would require you to confirm the PI(Proforma Innvoice), which will detail the order contents as products, QTY, Unit Price, Total Value, delivery time, terms of payment and other terms.

Mini order
For retailers, we would require a min order of 2000USD mixed in total. 500PC for each item/color is a basic condition. 1000PCs for the ones without tooling.
For wholesalers, we need a min order of 10,000USD in total. 1000PCs per item/color is a basic rule.

We would try our best to start the mass production of the order as soon as possible. Generally, we would confirm the exact delivery time with our customer. Our customers will be kept informed regarding the order delivery time.

Sample Policy
LIDER will provide you up to 5 free samples based on our current moldings&toolings with freight paid by our customer. We would charge samples for over 5 PCs or the total value is more than 40USD as well as the freight. Samples are for quality purpose only. Copy is forbidden at any time.
Normally it will take about 7-10 days to finish the samples according to the styles, requirements and sizes.
Free samples are available for our regular customers at any time and anywhere.

Mainly we accept T/T or Western Union. L/C at sight is only for big orders.
We would require 30%-80% deposit before mass production. Balance clearance before shipment is required.

In case of quantity discrepancy, our customer should inform us within 7 days after the arrival of the goods. We would check and find way to settle this along with our customers.

Faulty Goods
Should any of the goods you have order arrive Faulty or Damaged, inform us within 7 days of arrival and we will investigate and settle the fault with you to suit your requirements. Due to faulty material or workmanship, we would replace them without any reason after we have investigated them.

Normally we offer a full year of replacement warranty for genuine and high quality cases,6 months for other ones. We also would give our customers a special warranty according to the requirements.

Lider aims to keep every of our customers 100% satisfied with the service we offer. We do have a wide range of customers that are very happy and satisfied with our services. However, we do admit that sometimes there are problems that may occur, for this reason we like to hear your complaints regarding our service or quality. When we receive your complaint we will investigate the matter and come to a solution for the error. We will do our best to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

If you need to send a complain about our sales staff, please email directly to lider # change the # to @ when sending emails).

Production capacity
We proudly announce that we have a large capacity of production. We are now serving a couple of wholesalers, chain stores and band names.


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