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    Lider Leather Products factory is a leather cases manufacturer and wholesaler in in China.Please see the details of Lider Leather Products Factory for Samsung,iPhone and iPad leather cases wholesale....

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    Lider Leather Products is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for leather PDA cases, iPad cases,iPhone cases,Blackberry cases,smartphone cases and other Cell phone cases or bags. To meet our customers' request, we are expanding...

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    Wholesale iPad cases,cell phone covers,smartphone cases and tablet PC leather cases as well as notebook bags from China leather cases manufacturer--Lider Leather Products. ...

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    Lider tries to provide high speed working enviroment for the leather cases production. Good machines,experienced staff are the key points in production. ...

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Add: No 2-2, Central Street,Datian,Jianggao Town,Baiyun Dis,Guangzhou,510450,China

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