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Lider Leather Products is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for leather PDA cases, iPad cases,iPhone cases,Blackberry cases,smartphone cases and other Cell phone cases or bags. To meet our customers' request, we are expanding





Lider Leather Products Factory is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for leather PDA cases, iPad cases,iPhone cases,Blackberry cases,Samsung Galaxy leather cases,smartphone cases and other Cell phone cases or bags. To meet our customers' request, we are expanding our product range to cosmetic bags, Environmental protection shopping bag and notebook bags. We aim to develop more lines in leather or PU based on our current production lines:

Leather PDA cases;
Ipod/iPad / iPhone/Blackberry/Samung cases;
Cosmetic bags;
Notebook cases/bags;
Name card/Documents holders;
Passport holders.
Our developing team is made up of 8 engineers with at least 9 years of experience in this line. We can develop new items per our customer's samples, drawings or even the ideas. Well-trained assistants would make sample production time as fast as 2-3 days. Different sizes and colors under our engineers' direction would be easily identifiable in the marketplace.
Most of our sewing machines are imported from Japan. This would ensure us a firm and good-looking stitching. They would also provide us a rapid production and less lost on labor and materials to put our customer's profit.

2/3 of our works are experienced in leather production. We are located in the famous area for the leather products, Guangzhou Baiyun District for easy sourcing. It is easier for us to gain experienced staff and get a better workmanship. Because a lot of leather products factories are in this area.Our Shaoguan Factory woul mainly focus on production.
Strict quality control is our basis in the competition with other China Leather Products manufacturers. We control the quality by controlling from the raw materials, production process and not only just check the quality as a final procedure. This assures that the quality is good  and meet our clients' requirement before each of the single product packing.
We offer private label packing as well as our LIDER label packing. We are supplying to a couple companies with special packing to the chain stores, big wholesalers. Why not join us to reduce the loss in mistakes?
Those are why we have been selected by many of the clients from Europe, USA, Central American,Australia, North Africa and South America.
By email, phone or fax, you can contact us at any of the ways at any time. Rapid and efficient replying would be sent back to you once we get your inquiries. Our sales team has been ready. Welcome to contact us at any time!
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