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The difference between Leather and PU

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People asked me this question, what is the difference of leather cases and PU cases. It seems clear that if we can tell leather from PU.

Most of the people in leather cases line would be wondering what is the difference between PU and real genuine leather when he/she does not know clearly.

PU is man-made and not animal skin. This is the biggest difference between PU and all kind of leather. PU is made in the factory by chemical procedure and man technology. From the backside of PU, it is easy to see there is a cloth, which will be used to attach the painting chemical.

PVC is similar to PU. But is is softer.

Leather material is from the animal skins. We may use the cow, goat,sheep or other animal to take out the skin. Then we may put into the plant to work once more. For example, we may take out the hairs of the animal skins. Of course, you could not see the cloth for PU on the backside of a real animal leather.

What other difference for PU and leather? hmm, it seems a bit difficult to answer this question. But I am going to detail them as below:

1. All the PU/PVC are plain and the wrinkle are in regular. There may be some scar for an animal skin leather because the animal skin may get scar there. The animal skin may also get a scar when workers are taking the skin from the animal body.
2. You could smell them. There would be a chemical smell for PU or PVC. On the leather, you will get definitely the leather smell.
3. If you are careful enough, you could see there is some pore hole in the animal leather. While in the PU/PVC, you could not get that.
4. All these are still not enough for you? Let’s take the last step. Cut a small PC of PU or leather. Just use a lighter to burn them. Now what you will smell? Chemical smell again for PU. And there would be some hair-burning smell for animal leather again.


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