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  • Stand Leather Cases for Tablet PC wholesale Date:2011-05-24 22:58:45 Click:101 Outstanding:0

    Wholesale Tablet leather Cases supplier and manufacturer ...

  • HTC Desire G7 leather PDA cases Wholesale&Retail Supplier Date:2011-05-21 22:28:00 Click:54 Outstanding:0

    Lider wholesales leather PDA cases for HTC Desire G7, which is made of Nappa first layer cow skin exterior and PU interior. ...

  • HTC Desire G7 Vertical Leather Pouches Wholesale Supplier Date:2011-05-21 21:42:02 Click:84 Outstanding:0

    HTC Desire G7 leather pouch is a simple leather case with right size for HTC Desire G7. Beside this leather case, the factory also release leather cases for other HTC phones....

  • HTC Desire S Flip Leather Cases Wholesale Supplier Date:2011-05-21 21:03:48 Click:163 Outstanding:0

    The HTC desire S flip leather cases have been specially designed for HTC Desire S. The HTC leather PDA case is available in various materials for Wholesale....

  • Wholesale iPhone 4g leather pouches manufacturer&supplier Date:2011-05-16 21:02:36 Click:60 Outstanding:0

    iPhone 4g and Blackberry leather cases are main products from Lider. Welcome global iphone 4g and blackberry leather cases buyers to contact us for more information....

  • Wholesale Samsung Galaxy S i9100 Leather Pouches Date:2011-05-11 22:18:16 Click:99 Outstanding:0

    Samsung Galaxy S i9100 leather pouches wholesale supplier and manufacturer deliver a quality Samsung Galaxy S i9100 leather case. ...

  • the new iPad/iPad 2 Leather Cases Wholesale Supplier Date:2011-05-07 14:12:26 Click:170 Outstanding:0

    the new ipad/iPad 2 leather cases wholesale from Chinese leather cases manufacturer -- Lider Leather Products. Besides iPad leather cases, lider also offers a wide range of iPhone cases,Blackberry leather cases,HTC leather cases and more....

  • iPad Leather Cases Wholesale Supplier&Manufacturer Date:2011-03-19 22:12:54 Click:111 Outstanding:0

    With Apple iPad listing in the markets, Lider has released a series of leather cases for them. They are tested to fit for Apple iPad well.Every month we serve OEM and ODM orders for over 40,000pcs Apple iPad cases....

  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet Leather Cases wholesale supplier Date:2011-02-26 22:18:21 Click:143 Outstanding:0

    As a professional manufacturer and wholesaler, Lider has more than 60,000pcs outputs for universal mobile phone cases, more than 40,000 outputs for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 cases every month....

  • Leather Sleeves Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 wholesale Date:2011-03-02 10:31:17 Click:110 Outstanding:0

    As a professional designer and manufacturer, Lider always keep up with the market trends and has released a series of leather cases as Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Cases, Samsung Galaxy S (i9000), Apple iPhone 4g cases, Apple iPAd cases and more...

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