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  • Wholesale iPhone 5 Folio Leather Case Date:2014-11-17 10:39:57 Click:200 Outstanding:0

    iPhone 5 Folio Leather Case manufacturer from China with 8 years in this line. We own over one thousand products, include iPhone case, samsung case, Htc case, blackberry case, iPad case, wallet case and so on...

  • IPhone5 Leather Flip Case | iPhone cases wholesale By Lider Date:2013-01-25 18:01:43 Click:176 Outstanding:0

    iPhone 5 leather flip case looks stunning,handcrafted from the Italian leather makes this product cool.We offer iphone cases at wholesale price....

  • iPhone 5 Leather Case | iPhone5 leather book cases Wholesale Date:2012-12-07 13:35:10 Click:78 Outstanding:0

    View our range of iphone 5 leather cover cases, iphone leather book cases, we provides quality leather products to take care of your iphone and for that we provide cases at wholesale price....

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