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  • Leather iPhone 4g Cases wholesale supplier Date:2010-11-21 22:18:29 Click:102 Outstanding:0

    Latest iPhone 4g cases are released by Lider Leather Products Factory. We manufacture all kinds of leather products as universal cases, iPhone cases, Blackberry cases, PDA cases, Ipad cases, laptop bags and more in Guangzhou....

  • Lider Stylish PU iPhone 4g Cases Wholesale Date:2010-11-21 20:12:36 Click:50 Outstanding:0

    This iphone 4g case is made by Lider Leather Products.Lider offers a wholesale for all iphone 4g cases,iphone 3G cases,iPad cases,Blackberry cases. ...

  • Designed iPhone 4 & 4s Cases,Universal Vertical Case Date:2010-11-22 17:21:31 Click:195 Outstanding:0

    The new style iPhone 4g cases are released by Lider Leather Producxts. Lider mainly works leather products as universal mobile phone cases, iPhone cases, Blackberry cases, ipad cases, laptop bags and more leather cases in Guangzhou....

  • Stylish iPhone 4g Cases Wholesaler and Exporter Date:2010-11-22 16:11:03 Click:59 Outstanding:0

    Lider Factory follows up the market trends and has been released a series of iPhone 4g cases and iPad cases recently. They are made of various materials as first layer cow skin, second layer cow skin, PU, etc. Fine stitching, unique design, ...

  • TradeShow CSF2011 Date:2010-11-22 11:20:22 Click:522 Outstanding:0

    Lider Leather Products would attend the tradeshow from Globalsources which will be held in AsiaWorld Expo(HK). Products for leather cases and other cellular or smartphone accessories would be shown there....

  • China iPhone 4g cases wholesale&retail supplier Date:2010-11-21 21:43:25 Click:80 Outstanding:0

    Lider Leather Products Factory has over 5 years in deisgning, developing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of leather cases as iPhone cases, Blackberry cases,PDA cases,universal cases, Ipad cases,Notebook bags and more in Guangzhou....

  • Video Introduction Date:2010-11-07 13:57:11 Click:1358 Outstanding:0

    Wholesale iPad cases,cell phone covers,smartphone cases and tablet PC leather cases as well as notebook bags from China leather cases manufacturer--Lider Leather Products. ...

  • Plants&Machines Date:2010-11-07 13:52:35 Click:1669 Outstanding:120

    Lider tries to provide high speed working enviroment for the leather cases production. Good machines,experienced staff are the key points in production. ...

  • Shipment Tracking Date:2010-11-07 13:23:03 Click:591 Outstanding:0

    Tracking sample orders,samples by courier. We provide a convient tracking for UPS,FEDEX,DHL,USPS....

  • Business Terms Date:2010-11-07 12:54:58 Click:561 Outstanding:0

    Business Terms from Lider Leather Products. These terms cover inquiry, delivery, order, sample policy, production capacity,payment,faulty cargo, warranty time,complain. ...

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